By September 30, 2013

Friday night was blessed with one of the greatest shows we’ve seen at the Independent slash ever (fact): THE SAVAGES

From the moment we entered the venue we were warned that no cellphone or photos were permitted at all during the show. Besides the annoyance of phones blocking your view, it’s sad to say that we’ve forgotten how such a “strict” rule changed the entire show experience.

Participating in this vow of silence, it became clear why these bad ass witches from London, rock. The repetition and chanting that was witnessed on a Friday night made us feel like it was a Sunday at church with this destructive force. Their message is raw. And in our current unsilenced and oversharing civilization we could all use a little dirty, apocalyptic post-punk.  Their debut EP, Silence Yourself, is available on Matador.

[Photo Source: Unknown]